We sell our beef at Farmers Markets exclusively.   You can order be contacting me and I'll put your order aside for collection from my house or from one of our Farmers Markets.

Here is how to order......

Send me an email with your order. Click Here. 
Call me maybe - 0408 329 156
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Collect Fresh Beef at 

Fitzroy Mills Farmers Market - First and Second Saturday of every month

Merrifield Farmers Market - Last Saturday of every Month

By arrangement with Dennis - 0408 329 156

Where can you find our beef on the menu?

Super Lekker at Wood End

Ida Red at Macedon


What are we all about?

Our aim is to supply great quality meat direct to the public.   We want our animals to live life as naturally as possible.

I am the farmer, and there is nobody else between you and me.

I don’t claim to be organic, but we don’t use ANY unnecessary chemicals on the property.

We do claim to be ethical, which means our cows are grown on pasture, in the open air, and are free to roam.   We don’t use any growth promoters (other than grass that is) and we don’t use antibiotics on our animals unless the vet says they need it.

We only supply locally to Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges, so you are not contributing to unnecessary food miles.

If you want to check all this out, let me know and you can come and visit the farm.   You’ll see how the cattle live and thrive.   Maybe you can help me build some fences – there is plenty of that to do.


Our Product

Our meat tastes great.   Happy healthy cows produce dark flavoursome meat and you’ll love it.

The meat is dry aged for 21 days to intensify the flavour.   The sausages have only locally grown herbs, and they contain no preservatives.   If we use wine in the recipe, it’ll be good Heathcote area wines.

Boxes are 5 kg each, and premium cuts can be ordered separately (but at least 5 kg at a time unless you can pick it up).

You won’t be disappointed.

Right now we offer premium grass fed beef and pastured free range pork which we sell direct to the consumer.   In the months and years to come we will expand to offer vegetables, free range eggs, and live chickens for the backyard if you want to set up for your backyard egg and chook manure operation.

If you are keen, and once the cabins are built, we will offer farm stay accommodation for weary city dwellers looking for a relaxing time, or just if you want to get out in the country and get some dirt on your hands.

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Orders Ready to collect on 1- 3 April 2016

April orders are being made up now - but its not too late to order.